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Aunt Flow

The Best Way to Wear Your Blood This Halloween

BY Claire Coder

October 31st is just around the corner, so it’s time to get the arts and craft supplies out and start working on this year’s costume! Here are some great options for a sexy, feminist, vagina-friendly Halloween. Aunt Flow will be proud.


Why not get right to the source and dress up as everyone’s favorite body part? Now, there have been some complications with this costume in the past. Some have found vagina costumes to be offensive or inappropriate. In 2014, Huffington Post deemed vagina costumes offensive alongside those using blackface, Caitlyn Jenner costumes, and “Anna Rexia.” Huffington Post remarks, “And Men, Please Don’t Dress As A Women’s Body Part “ and, “As a general rule, female body parts are off limits, fellas.” (Watch the heteronormative language, HuffPo.) Of course, a vagina should not be laughed at, mocked, or used as a degrading joke. We all know how strong and important the vagina is! However, it is important to embrace anatomy and normalize vaginas. What better way is there to break the silence on vagina-speak than dressing up and running around as one!

If you wish to sport the vagina this October 31st, don’t forget to make it anatomically correct. Look to this article from Vocativ to figure out what (and what not) to do.

Looking to take a vagina costume up a notch? Try out a DIY uterus costume.


What’s more Aunt Flow than a tampon Halloween costume? Grab your friends and deck out in white for an anti-tampon-tax display! Or just grab a buddy to show the world a tampon and period stain!

As with vaginas, menstruating costumes should be intended for normalizing the flow, and to support people who have the monthly visit. NOT to shame or devalue periods.

Birth Control

These birth control costumes are not only extremely creative, but educational!

First, we have a NuvaRing –  a pink outfit with a hula-hoop! A NuvaRing is a small vaginal insert that emits hormones, stopping ovulation. In 2012, it was used by 800,000 women in the US.

Next, we have an amazing birth control pill pack costume. Planned Parenthood’s Action Fund birthed “Pillamina.” A birth control pill is an oral contraceptive that contains hormones to prevent ovulation. In 2012, over9.7 million women were using the pill. Bonus! Pillamina was used to follow around 2012 Presidential Republican nominee Mitt Romney, who opposed a birth control coverage provision. Now that’s awesome.

Lastly, an IUD. We got the idea from self-proclaimed “IUD evangelist”Katrina Lipinsky on her Instagram, and it’s pretty badass. An IUD is a t-shaped piece of plastic placed into the uterus to prevent pregnancy. It can be effective for up to several years. In 2012, over 3.8 million women had an IUD.

We know there are several more amazing Halloween costume options that support Aunt Flow and all of humankind! If you find any other sexy, feminist, vagina-friendly attire, please tag #AuntFlow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @goauntflow!