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Aunt Flow

Shed Walls More Than Once A Month

BY Claire Coder

Aunt Flow becomes excited when given the opportunity to discuss a taboo topic. We feel privileged to be in the position to create a dialogue. However, we feel the tension in the room as soon as we proudly say period. We watch leaders mock menstruation. We see the wall of silence that goes up, blocking many people’s access to menstrual products. Now, we stand by as our country chooses to build another wall, yet another barrier to progress. Our reaction to these barriers is the “Shed Walls Don’t Build Them” campaign. But it’s more than just a reaction. It is a mindset with which to build a community.

Fear might be the strongest driving force for humanity. Fear often stems from the unknown. Some people have decided that the best way to deal with a fear of the unknown is to cut off the unknown completely. They feel the best way is to build walls, physical or metaphorical, that create a divide between themselves and that which they are unfamiliar with.

“Shed Walls Don’t Build Them” seeks to eliminate the fear of menstruation. The campaign encourages period positivity. It plainly states the bodily function – the shedding of the uterine lining. It does not fear the blood, the cramps, or the PMS. It seeks to educate, as education is the best cure for fear. When we begin to talk about menstruation, we eliminate shame. When we begin to talk, we realize that thousands of women living in the richest country in the world use rags and plastic bags to absorb their flow.

“Shed Walls Don’t Build Them” is about inclusivity in a time where the country seems to be doing nothing but taking sides. Fortunately, Aunt Flow knows a thing or two about shedding walls. We know how it feels to be open and vulnerable in defense of a cause that matters. We’re willing to put in the work to be a voice of acceptance for those who feel like they’re silenced, whether those people be menstruators, or immigrants, or the LGBTQ community, or anybody. Turns out, you can shed walls more than once a month. Flow forward.

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