Aunt Flow

First Flow Pack

  • First Flow Pack

Aunt Flow

First Flow Pack


The First Flow Pack includes everything your business needs to join the menstrual movement for ONE bathroom. This pack is perfect for small-medium businesses.


  • 500 100% organic cotton non-applicator tampons
  • 1 Bathroom Display Box
  • 1 Mirror Cling
  • 1 Product Explanation Booklet
  • Feature on the Aunt Flow Map 

This pack will last between 4-10 months depending on the size of your business. To get product refills, contact

 Does your business have more than one bathroom? Order more boxes here.


Aunt Flow menstrual products are made with 100% organic cotton. No synthetics, rayons, perfumes, or dyes!

period positivity

Aunt Flow focuses on positive conversation and education. #NoShame

giving back

For every 10 menstrual products we sell, we donate 1 to PERIOD INC. to distribute to menstruators in need.