100% Organic Cotton Pads

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Product Details:

  • Individually wrapped in a spunky, easy to open wrapper
  • 100% organic cotton top-layer
  • Sticky backing to adhere to underwear
  • Wings to hold the pad in place
  • Pads produce 25% less waste than GUARD® Pads
  • Order cases of 500 pieces OR 50 pieces

Aunt Flow Products

  • Quality

    Aunt Flow menstrual products are made with 100% organic cotton. No synthetics, rayons, perfumes, or dyes!

  • Period Positivity

    Aunt Flow focuses on positive conversation and education. #NoShame

  • Giving Back

    For every 10 menstrual products we sell, we donate 1 to PERIOD INC. to distribute to menstruators in need.

What our customers are saying

  • "We are always looking for ways to improve our guest experience. Aunt Flow is a critical element to our bathroom experience, which positively impacts our customers. Offering free menstrual products is simply the right thing to do."
    Mark Swanson
    Mark Swanson President, STAUF'S COFFEE
  • "We choose to stock our bathroom with Aunt Flow products for so many reasons, but primarily because we love supporting fellow local entrepreneurs, and also because this is one less thing our customers have to worry about when they are enjoying themselves in our taproom."
    Julie Keys
    Julie Keys Land Grant Brewing
  • "I love that the company that I work for cares about my flow, supporting woman-owned companies, and saving the environment. When Viacom introduced Aunt Flow products in our bathrooms, I felt good that I have the opportunity to work for a business that cares so much. "
    Anonymous Employee
    Anonymous Employee