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Aunt Flow can help you improve the guest experience and show employees you care.

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Why Work with Aunt Flow?



Send an email to your decision-maker and start rallying a group of supporters to advocate.



Aunt Flow works with your school or business to finalize the details and budget. We take care of all implementation.



Aunt Flow’s 100% organic cotton tampons and pads are in the bathrooms, now NO ONE is forced to miss out due to menstruation.

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"We are always looking for ways to improve our guest experience. Aunt Flow is a critical element to our bathroom experience, which positively impacts our customers. Offering free menstrual products is simply the right thing to do."

Mark Swanson, President, Stauf's Coffee

"We choose to stock our bathroom with Aunt Flow products for so many reasons, but primarily because we love supporting fellow local entrepreneurs, and also because this is one less thing our customers have to worry about when they are enjoying themselves in our taproom."

Julia Keys, Land Grant Brewing Company

"I love that the company that I work for cares about my flow, supporting woman-owned companies, and saving the environment. When Viacom introduced Aunt Flow products in our bathrooms, I felt good that I have the opportunity to work for a business that cares so much."

Employee, Viacom

"Menstruation is basic biology. Ensuring the health and dignity of menstruators is social justice. So why at institutions are menstrual products not publicly available to all students, when a portion of students cannot afford these without undue financial stress and the lack of these items impacts academics and student life? Changing the policies of long standing institutions and fighting stigma along the way may seem daunting, but with persistent effort it's possible; the results have the potential to uplift the lives of students and spark powerful social movement. At a time when students are more empowered and connected than ever it's time to mobilize to demand change and hold institutions to the standards of equity and support they claim are core to their operation. Aunt Flow fundamentally understands these goals and was able to support us by tailoring to our school's operational structure to offering a great product experience that's helping us empower students at Princeton University. "

Preeti Iyer, Student at Princeton University
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