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Aunt Flow

Non-applicator tampons NOW AVAILABLE

BY Claire Coder

Aunt Flow has been committed to social sustainability, and now we feel we must flow toward environmentally sustainability. Starting August 20, 2017 our plastic applicator tampons will be discontinued and replaced with our 100% organic cotton, non-applicator tampons.

INTRODUCING: 100% organic cotton, non-applicator tampons.

Non-applicator tamponsNon-applicator tamponNon-applicator tampons

So… what exactly is a non-applicator tampon?

Basically, it’s just the small cotton piece that is inside the plastic or cardboard applicator. You insert the tampon with your finger, but otherwise, they function just like the applicator tampons you’ve gotten used to.

Seems simple enough. So, why should I switch?


It’s no secret, we love our plastic. In fact, there is enough plastic thrown away each year to circle the earth four timesOne of the largest contributors to global warming is the processing of the plastic LDPE (low-density polyethylene). Guesswhere you can find this? In your plastic tampon applicator. Because the average menstruator will use about 8,000

tampons in their lifetime, doing away with your plastic applicator can really have a measurable impact in helping to protect our environment. That is why our new packaging is minimal and eco-friendly.


Aunt Flow’s mission is to ensure everyone has access to menstrual products. For every non-applicator tampon you purchase, one is donated to menstruators in need in the US.


Quite honestly, non-applicator tampons require you to be a bit more comfortable with your own body than an applicator tampon. As menstruators, we have always been taught our period was something never to be talked about, and something to be dealt with quickly and discreetly. Applicators speed up the “dealing with” process. Non-applicator tampons can help you to feel more comfortable with your body and its processes, all the while giving back and reducing your tampon waste by 58% percent.

How to insert a non-applicator tampon


Click here to snag your 32 pack of non-app tampons for $12.95, and they’ll be delivered to your door. Still nervous? Don’t worry, we include a guide that walks you through exactly how to insert one.

Get ready to FLOW FORWARD.