People helping people, period.


Aunt Flow

Calling all women! Uterus or not.

BY Claire Coder


The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is “Be Bold for Change.” This theme feels especially significant for Aunt Flow. We exist to smash the shame around menstruation. It takes a bold human to speak proudly about something they’ve been told is private, gross, and only to be discussed in hushed euphemisms.

Today is a great chance for reflection. So, let’s reflect. There are badass women all over the world, standing tall and doing badass things. Perhaps most importantly, though, today is a day to look into what it truly means to celebrate womanhood.

Turn back the clock to January 21, when the Women’s March on Washington took place. With over 50 million in attendance all over the world, the Women’s March was one of the most successful and widely supported marches of all time. However, it received quite a bit of backlash due to its lack of intersectionality and employment of the uterus as a symbol for womanhood.

For those who have one, after a lifetime of shame, the uterus is finally getting a chance to shine. If that gives those people confidence and power – then it’s worth caring about. So where your hats, make your puns, and rock those shirts.

But let’s remember: uterus does not equal woman.

So where do we draw the line in making sure everyone can celebrate womanhood, with or without uterus? If you have a uterus, EMBRACE IT, LOVE IT, LIVE IT. The uterus has come a long way, and it hasn’t been easy. BUT, regardless of what your reproductive organs look like, if you identify as a woman, International Women’s Day is for you. Today is for women of all shapes and sizes; women of all colors; women of all sexual orientations; all transgender and cisgender women; women. Be bold in striving for equality for those women, and making sure that their story is told. Period (or not period). 

Aunt Flow is built on a mission of inclusivity, with regard to any and all identities, including gender identity. We exist to serve all menstruators, regardless of it they identify as a woman. BUT WE LOVE OUR WOMEN. All of our women.