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New Hampshire in Support of Menstrual Movement

New Hampshire Governor Sununu signed Senate Bill 142 into effect July 17, 2019, requiring public high schools to budget for and provide free menstrual products in their student restrooms. 

 S.B. 142 providing access to free menstrual products will help New Hampshire high schools build safe and reliable learning environments for students. We already know that a startling number of students are unable to afford menstrual products - but what’s more is that students across the country routinely face harassment and exclusion from both peers and restrictive school policies for their menstrual cycle.

Speaking on the importance of supported menstruation on mental health in education, Governor Sununu stated,

S.B. 142 will help ensure young women in New Hampshire public schools will have the freedom to learn without disruption—and free of shame or fear of stigma.”

Access to free menstrual products can also boost school attendance - New York Public Schools saw an attendance increase of 2.4% after implementing free tampons and pads in their bathrooms. A study from the Aunt Flow pilot program with Princeton University found that 9% of students who used our menstrual products previously couldn’t afford them. These startling statistics highlight the impact on educational attainment that unsupported menstruation can cause, and this is just touching on TIME spent juggling educational attendance and menstrual needs.

As states continue to pass legislation aimed at reducing the effects of period poverty on education, Aunt Flow will be ready to assist school districts with the implementation of our menstrual program. Why choose Aunt Flow for your school’s menstrual needs?

  • Sustainability: Aunt Flow products are packaged with biodegradable paper - no plastic allowed!
  • Product Quality: We use 100% natural, organic cotton in our pads and tampons. That means no synthetics, chemicals, dyes, or perfumes.
  • Reliability: Over 400 businesses and schools across North America choose Aunt Flow, with Princeton University, United Schools Network, and Texas A&M among them.
  • Affordability: Implementation of a quality, sustainable menstrual program with Aunt Flow can cost as little as $0.02 per day per menstruating student. (Statistic based on current Aunt Flow Product Cost Analysis, 2020). 

How does Aunt Flow help schools comply with this legislation? 

Our team is here to help you advocate for our quality, free menstrual products in your restrooms. You can reach out to us at, learn more about advocacy from our blog, or simply submit our Get A Quote Form to get flowing!

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