How to convince your company to offer free feminine hygiene products in their bathrooms

You have watched Nancy Kramer’s TED Talk, which launched the national #FreeTheTampons moment. YOU are ready to take action and help YOUR company join the menstrual movement.  Regardless if you are an intern, employee, executive, or random raging feminist….

tampons in business bathrooms

Here is a guide to help you get started.

Who should I talk to about offering free menstrual products at my work place?

The best place to start is with HR. Other parties that will be involved in the decision include facilities, operations, and procurement. While you can start the conversation in other departments, HR is typically a champion for these types of initiatives.


What should I say when talking to the student government or faculty?

ALWAYS use data. Thankfully, we have some data for you. While we agree that offering menstrual products is the right thing to do, it is important to demonstrate to the company the “return on investment” of offering free menstrual products.

Offering free menstrual products reduces lost work hours and improves ratings on best places to work for women. It is actually CHEAPER to offer free tampons than to service coin operated machines.


How much does it cost?

It is about $5-$7 per female employee, per year. Wall mounted boxes are $20 per bathroom.

For businesses that service the general public, like a restaurant or dentist, costs will fluctuate based on traffic and industry. Aunt Flow can help determine the annual cost based on your business size and customer frequency.


Where can we get the funds?

A few ideas include:

  1. Human Resources: Benefits programs

  2. Facilities: The same budget that toilet paper comes out of

  3. Facility green initiatives: Aunt Flow menstrual products produce 58% less waste than other brands

  4. Women’s leadership groups affiliated with the business


Who is in charge of stocking the restrooms?

The general rule is that tampons follow the toilet paper. If toilet paper is being restocked by a maintenance company once a week, the tampons will be restocked once a week by the maintenance department.


Should we stock ALL bathrooms (male, female, and gender neutral)?

Brown University was one of the first campuses to stock ALL bathrooms. At Aunt Flow, we believe that everyone should have access to menstrual products. It is important to remember that not all people that menstruate identify as women. If your campus does decide to stock male bathrooms, ensure that there are proper disposal receptacles in the bathrooms.


Do we need a dispenser, or can we just use an Aunt Flow box?

For a businesses serving both employees and the general public, boxes are typically fine. Boxes are far less of a financial investment, compared to a wall-mounted dispensers (ranging $300-$400 per dispenser.)


Will people take more products than what they need?

There will be a large influx of usage during the first 3 months of offering free product. This is typical with any new “freebie” — When a company starts offering free soda, people will hoard the soda with a scarcity mentality. After 3 months, people understand that the products are always available and the usage will decrease. Only 16% of menstruators report relying solely on their workplace supply of menstrual products as their only supply.


Where can we buy feminine hygiene (menstrual) products?

Aunt Flow is a female-founded enterprise that stocks businesses and universities with their 100% organic cotton menstrual products. Learn more about WHY others are working with us.


Ready to get started? Fill out this form to take the next step towards joining the menstrual movement.

 Aunt Flow has worked with numerous universities and student governments to launch programs to provide free menstrual products to students, staff, and guests on campus. After our work with StanfordOhio University, Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus School for Girls, and many other educational institutions, we decided to compile some of the common questions to help YOU launch a program. Launch a program with Aunt Flow by filling out this form.

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