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Free Pads and Tampons Coming to Cleveland City Hall and Rec Centers

By: Sami Sharfin 

On October 18, Cleveland City Councilwoman Jasmin Santana proposed a bill that would make menstrual products freely accessible at City Hall, city parks and recreation centers. The bill was officially passed on November 15. 

The city of Cleveland hopes to install dispensers and begin product distribution by early 2022. 

The legislation specifically highlights the need for such products among vulnerable and low-income communities. The bill states that, “on average, one [menstruator] spends $13.25 each month on menstrual products, totaling about $6,360 in [their] reproductive lifetime.”

Santana has spearheaded this effort, explaining that free accessibility is a matter of equity. 

“It’s like toilet paper,” said Santana. “We have free toilet paper all across our nation but yet we still don’t have it right in terms of free hygiene products.”

In addition to Santana, a total of nine city council members signed on to sponsor the bill. The sponsors include Blaine Griffin, Kerry McCormack, Basheer S. Jones, Kevin Conwell, Jenny Spencer and Kevin Kelley.

All over Ohio, strides are being made for menstruators. Read more about the legislation being passed within the state HERE

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