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Aunt Flow


BY Danielle Ferguson

We know WHY it is important to have freely-accessible, high quality menstrual products in bathrooms, but HOW do we actually order them? It’s way easier than you think, and we have 3 ways for you to join the #MenstrualMovement:

  1. Fill out a Get A Quote Form and order on our website
  2. Order through our current partner, Staples Business Advantage or
  3. Request Aunt Flow through your company’s paper goods distributor

We understand that each business serves an array of people and has unique needs, which is why we offer different options to fit YOUR company. By the end of this article you should know how to get Aunt Flow in your bathrooms, so your employees, guests and customers aren’t stranded without the necessary menstrual products they need…



Know that you need Aunt Flow products in your bathrooms, but not sure how MUCH to order? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Fill out the Get a Quote form HERE. The person filling out this form should be a person in charge of ordering OR inquiring to let the person in charge of ordering know how much it will cost. In this form, we will ask you:

  • The name of your company
  • How many female employees/ customers you have in your company
  • The number of offices/ locations you are looking to stock
  • Your contact information so we can send you the quote.

THAT’S IT! Just thirty seconds to take your business’ bathrooms to the next level. Once you fill out the form, a period-positive representative will respond to your request and share a starting order based on your answers.

Here is an example of what this form looks like:




If you are ordering from our website, you have purchased Aunt Flow tampons and pads a time or two, and we’re glad to have you back! If this is your first time ordering Aunt Flow products for your company, please email or fill out the GET A QUOTE form to make sure you are getting everything you need. If you are ordering more products for your company and you haven’t ordered from the website before, here are the steps to ordering on our website.

  • Visit the SHOP page
  • Find what you need and “add to cart”
  • Once you have everything you need in the cart, you can check out!






Our goal is to ensure that EVERYONE has access to necessary, high quality menstrual products. We partnered with Staples to ensure just that! Every business is different-whether your organization’s office manager, facilities director or someone else orders paper goods, ordering Aunt Flow through Staples Business Advantage or is just as easy as ordering any other products. Please check your online account OR contact your Staples Business Advantage Account Representative to determine pricing. (Pricing can and will vary based on an organization’s relationship and volume of purchases done with Staples. Your rep will help you out!) Your Staples Rep should be able to answer all of your ordering questions for you!

Should you have any additional questions on how MUCH to order, please email and she can help you figure that out.





If you are an office manager, facilities manager, or someone in charge of ordering paper goods for your company or school, and the first 3 options don’t really work for you, then KEEP ON READING! Ordering through distribution means that your organization may require that Aunt Flow menstrual products are purchased through a facilities services company or paper goods company that your company is already working with. For example, this would be the company that they buy toilet paper/soap from (i.e. Wasserstrom, Medline, WB Mason, McKesson, etc). If you are not able to purchase Aunt Flow directly because of certain guidelines your company must follow, then we may be able to work with your distributor to help you get Aunt Flow! If you are interested in this, please email and we can figure out the best solution for your company.



See how EASY it is to support your employees, guests and customers with Aunt Flow’s organic cotton tampons and pads? After all, 86% of them have left to get a tampon or pad when they unexpectedly started their period. People helping people. PERIOD.® For any questions or concerns, please contact


Aunt Flow is a female-founded enterprise that stocks businesses and universities with their 100% organic cotton menstrual products.